Realistically, ask yourself---How long have we seen this coming and done nothing?  Now we have to move, but we can't fix our Education budget until we end mass incarceration and Oklahoma's prisoners-for-profit schemes.  Until we change who we elect as Legislators in our state, we lose---and the kids don't make it out of the gate!

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Oklahoma locks or more people than anywhere IN THE WORLD. Seriously?

We knew Oklahoma was first in the nation, but today news broke that we incarcerate more people than anywhere in the WORLD......This is not an accident.  Governor Keating started Oklahoma down this path 20 years ago.  Govenor Fallin put the prisoners-for-sale scheme on steroids.  The only people who seem to care are the ones who have loved ones or who themselves have been in---or are still in---prison.  We need you as much as you need us.  Ready to fight?

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Membership has its Priviledges

We can change the system, the corruption, the poverty, the pain--we have it within our power to make life better.  We can create pathways to prosperity rather than prison.  Join The Advocavy Council in building this movement.  #UnitedWeCan

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Either we take a seat at the table or we'll keep getting put on the menu.  For real.






Taking Back Our State

The Advocacy Council is a 501 (c)(4) organization dedicated to civil rights impact litigation and building political power.  Become a member and help take back Oklahoma