OR OKLAHOMA BLACK AND BLUE was formed in February 2018 with the mission of identifying qualified progressive candidates to help every way that we can---from helping you start up your campaign to interviewing you for nomination for national endorsement.  We are an official Our Revolution group and are committed to the OR progressive agenda.


What is the process for an OR Black and Blue nomination?

Email and request a link to our online form.  We do not requre that you join our OR chapter, but would love it if you did!

Does OR Black and Blue nominate candidates in the Primary?

Yes.  When there are more than one progressive candidates seeking the same seat, we schedule a debate after receipt of their applications.  The voting members of OR Black and Blue will then vote to nominate one or table the nomination until after the Primary.

What other initiatives does OR Black and Blue support?

We are building a movement to abolish private prisons and end mass incarceration in Oklahoma.  OR Black and  Blue has teamed up with other organizations in Oklahoma and other states on this project.  To donate to this work or candidacy support, click the DONATE button on the home page.